I had to use the r-word because that's what I believe in. The word can scare, it can alienate. I want to define my version of it, so it doesn't scare or alienate, and if it still does, tough shit. This is my blog, and my world. The only rule I'm giving myself is that I have to use the word revolution at least once in every blog. And I've already broken that one.

Friday, January 30, 2004

phrase of the day 

solidarity, freedom, and mutual aid.

drifting through detachment, handfuls of clouds, the scent of savior tickling my left nostril. itchy fibers through my body, no way to scratch them. i stumble across the occasional phrase like solidarity freedom and mutual aid in which the clouds condense and shower wisdom atop my fuzzy head but its never enough.

oh and hey, will someone put a cork on the tastebud connections in my brain? stop the stuffing. stop it stop stop it.

Friday, January 09, 2004


i wanted to keep track of things going down all around, i'd made a mini list of events on my ammunition blog. forgot about it, wanted to write in this blog during jan. 6-8 when the petropolitics conference was going on, check up on it and write my thoughts. writing this little blog entry hopefully to remind myself to write up all the events and track them as they go.

All Strung Out 

Connections threaded infinitely between every point of existence. Ever-expanding communication unites previously separate entities. I'm online wireless, sitting in Acchan's office using the airport, about to upload information, virtually publish, simply using a 13" x 9" x 1" piece of metal and silicon, with a little help from Sunadi, the cyber doctor.
Anne-Lise leaves today. No good, no good at all. I'm worried about her. Glasgow is no good, no good at all for her. No-one can or should force her to make this decision but i want her to be here with her parents and me and dr jackson, and i dont want her to be in sunless stressful isolated glasgow.
I leave for Bombay on Thursday. I hope sasimama comes through with a place to stay, and sends info in time so that i dont have to stay with shobha cheriamma. although, when i put it in those words, it sounds horrible, because she's being wonderful, not being at all offended and saying she can come just see me briefly if i dont have time, no pressure. quite lovely.
world social forum. my goodness. i better read up before i go so i can get the most out of this momentous week.

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