I had to use the r-word because that's what I believe in. The word can scare, it can alienate. I want to define my version of it, so it doesn't scare or alienate, and if it still does, tough shit. This is my blog, and my world. The only rule I'm giving myself is that I have to use the word revolution at least once in every blog. And I've already broken that one.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Dream on, Neo...
The Convergence has come...

Laura mentally slaps her forehead as she walks to the drama section. Dumbass. I'm a biochemistry student, they'll know what's up. Takes a breath and realizes she's panicking. I could be getting a book for IHUM or something. Fuck. I wish I could just be getting a book because I would dig reading it, not for some prescribed pill of knowledge they call classes. Thinks about it. That's why we're doing this. Hells yeah.

-Laura first cuz she's white. More innocent.
-President, white girl, vp, pick brown girl to get complete diveristy. says, oh no, i'm just running for vp, hates herself for being hypocritical about hierachy.


Monday, November 03, 2003

Convergence obsessed consumed all other life obliterated unless it is life converged.
Not just on the level of connecting the activists on campus, but also on every little detail of life. Someone tells me something they're doing, anything, and I immediately start scrambling around in my dusty, messy, little brain for something that will help them do that thing, which is great, but it's also really annoying sometimes. It's especially annoying when I use words buzzwords like synthesis, and connections and networks, and create new ones like convergence, and then can't talk in any terms but those, and sound like a broken record. Oh how I annoy me, let me count the ways.
That's ok though. I feel like my annoying little self is leaving a legacy of connections and synthesis that I will be proud of forever after.
I'm writing on my wall a lot. It's awesome. I love my wall. I love my little hovel of madness. I'd really like to start paring down. I don't need this, I don't need that, I don't need the other. I really don't. So why do I have them? They just get in the way of real life.
Speaking of real life.
Onward ho.

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