I had to use the r-word because that's what I believe in. The word can scare, it can alienate. I want to define my version of it, so it doesn't scare or alienate, and if it still does, tough shit. This is my blog, and my world. The only rule I'm giving myself is that I have to use the word revolution at least once in every blog. And I've already broken that one.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Been wanting to blog for several days. Open it up and then tell myself to have discipline, to finish the stuff I have to do first. You know what, there's always going to be stuff I have to do first. Screw that. I need to blog.
Apparently I've become obsessed with this tool. Use it for everything, from normal journal use to presentation notes writing to website making. Who knew? Check out stanfordconvergence.blogspot.com. its the new website for our convergence, about to start this monday, hopefully never to end, heeeelllll yeah!
I have the enthusiasm, thats for sure. that's what made the other SEAS folk want me to facilitate this monday's thing. they feel lost, theyre not as sure about this as i seem to be. but i'm far from sure. i'm dreading the failure of this project. can my enthusiasm carry us through this until it picks up on its own? we'll see. this little baby has gotta grow up. now, am i talking about the convergence project, or me?
speaking of babies, yesterday i went to help maasi again. deeya smiles spread wide across her face, the most i've seen her be so happy. something inside me melts and another thing inside resolidifies and strengthens every time i see her. i am reborn through her, my little sister. all my failures, all my regrets, all my guilt, dissolved in the potential pouring out her shiny wide eyelings.
enough. over to the convergence blog. dammit, why doesn't this computer have telnet?

Thursday, October 09, 2003

What do we want? gradual social revolution for justice!

First. Individuals, wholes. Parts of a larger whole, a group.
Then. Groups, larger wholes. Parts of a yet larger whole. An organizing organism activating towards justice.
Eat, sleep, organize!
Nexus, synergy, coordination, instantaneous mass mobilization.

This is a call for convergence to re-define our activism so we can
Explore and connect the different spheres and dimensions of the issues we activate on, the perspectives we activate from, and the strategies we activate with.
Identify the overlaps that we can use to unite and strengthen our work.
Create a long-term network structure that will transcend the transitivity of a college lifespan with permanent connections between the many individuals and groups that are fighting-loving-thinking towards a better world.

What do we want? gradual social revolution for justice!
When do we want it? in due course!

But preferably this quarter, in weekly convergences, 60-90 minutes, kicking off on Monday, October 20th, and culminating in a longer caucus on the weekend of November 15th-16th.

We invite you to participate in this Stanford Activist Convergence.
If you belong to an existing organization, we'd love for the groups to follow a Big Sib/Li'l Sib pattern of sending a Young Un along with an experienced Wise One to further facilitate the process of passing on the torch within each group, along with the connections that are made across groups.
The Convergence will be property of noone and everyone. All individuals and groups are invited to shape the convergence as they see fit.

If you're still reading, email us back for more information.
The Convergence will facilitate the winter quarter production of the latest version of the Dis-Orientation booklet. If this project interests you, please let us know.
If your group can't converge, but is still interested in the Big Sib/Li'l Sib structure, contact Jess Guh at .

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Yo Mandeep make a blog already!!!

Hello my duckies, apologies for the long absence, is your heart fond beyond belief? If not, bugger off, what are you doing reading the blog of someone you're not fond of?

A week of whirling winds went by in a wink. Went to a poetry slam yesterday so I'm amorous with alliteration. Was telling Inky, when I get caught up in writing I start to think over-verbally and lose other ways of consciousness. Such is life, what strife. Strife, my ass. My life is a lump of luxury served in a titanium bowl with a cherry on top.

My luxurious lump has a sublump of things I have chosen to commit to that therefore must get done, so I will condense my week since last wednesday to highlights...
Thurs: romped in the woods, somewhat less raucously than usual because there were few of us and I sprained my ankle briefly
Fri: welcome back dan, lets go make some guerilla art!
Sat: azura, crazy japhey funk in the sun
Sun: clean move clean move clean move clean move clean holy cow new room
Mon: save our libraries! carol and ian, the dynamic duo, the most exciting thing at the city council discussion (except for funny denmark lady), ian receiving the birth of an applause even though there wasn't supposed to be any, carol getting the loudest laughs and cheers from the audience, both sincerely and compellingly defending the rights of books, and their ability to be read in as many sacred book spaces as possible. screw your computers, automated systems, book mobiles.
Tues: brown bag theater, restoration life of scandal,
pearl milk tea,
tai chi,
(the last three rhyme, goodness gracious me)
Wed: interview at media center with carol and i representing the lockheed 52, right after an interview with the deputy DA. Sommerle, i no longer hate you, i understand you more and now i merely pity you, you sad little princess arching your brows and pursing your lips in a king's world. give up and join the revolutionaries who fling the kings and things to the winds beneath angel wings.

The lights are high, my high is lit. For expansions or explanations of the highlights see page 42. (or ask me).

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